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Fashion Boom:The First In History Collection To Feature Hijabs

The Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan did a revolutionary turn at New York Fashion week by presenting the first ever collection featuring hijab in every single look.


The outfits included bright, colorful headscarves in gold, silver and pink at her show at Moynihan Station Monday.


The hijabs were perfectly matching with fancy gowns, kimonos and suits crafted from silk, velvet and brocades. All of them were decorated with sequins and pearls.


The Indonesian designer became the first one in history to dress up model in hijabs at an official New York Fashion Week venue. Besides that, she also became the first Indonesian designer to show her works.


The collection was initially inspired by her colorful and bright hometown Jakarta. The first Hasibuan’s fashion show took place in London in March 2015, along with exhibition in Paris.


Did the audience liked the new feature? The audience was standing in ovation to the designer. What can be the better proof for success?

source: edition.cnn

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  • I must say that I never thought that the hijab could be made fashionable but having looked at these pictures makes me think otherwise. These look great. Anniesa Hasibuan is a fantastic designer