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The Most Iconic Costumes From The Closet Of David Bowie

david bowie iconic costumes

In early 70s just when David Bowie started his experiments with the music, he threw down a challenge not only to the old forms of music but to the world of fashion as well. And it is not enough to call him special, but even freaky in its manifestations. Here are 13 of his most shocking and memorable fashion looks:

1. The Man’s Dress


It was designed by Michael Fish and wearing it Bowie tried to fade the boundaries within genders. This dress appeared on the cover of the UK release of The Man Who Sold The World and was actively used on the Bowie’s promotional tour to the US in 1971.

2. The “Life on Mars” Suit


Designed by Bowie’s designer, lover and protégé Freddie Burretti, his turquoise “ice-blue” suit first appeared in the video on the song “Life on Mars” from the album Heroes in May, 1973.

3. Ziggy Stardust


Another Burretti’s idea which was brought to life in 1972 for one of Bowie’s image, Ziggy Stardust. As a result Bowie made a tour wearing it. This look made an emphasis best of all on the Bowie’s special rock style and presented him looking both as an alien and a superhuman.

4. Aladdin Sane knitted bodysuit


From 1970s till 1980s Kansai Yamamoto was considered to be on the leaders of the Japanese fashion. His was especially famous for his avant-garde kimono ideas and Bowie was not an exception to wear these kimonos. His knitted Aladdin Sane bodysuit is the best result of their close cooperation.

5. The “Space Oddity” space suit


With its flared shoulder pads, boots on a cherry platform, sparkling jacket and pants, this was one of the first Bowie’s “space suits” in 1972-1973 during Ziggy Stardusttour. Bowie often sang “Space Oddity” wearing it. Mostly likely it was designed by Kansai Yamamoto.

6. Tokyo Pop


It is inseparable from Bowie’s vinyl “Tokyo Pop” and was designed by Kensai Yamamoto for the Alladin Sane tour in 1973.

7. The Eyepatch


First used during the interview simply to cover up conjunctivitis, it became of the most iconic looks. David Bowie added it to his image of Ziggy Stardust to the rest of the outfit.

8.The Blue Clown


It was designed by Natasha Korniloff for Bowie’s music video “Ashes to Ashes” and also prined on the cover of Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

9. The Serious Moonlight suit


In 1983 Bowie was on the wave of success with his song “Let’s Dance”, it was a new period in his music as well as in his look. He refused from the rapid costume changes the fans used to see him in 1970s. His resulting look tends to be not only most classical among other Bowie’s looks but also the most iconic too.

10. The Goblin King


The most shocking image of David Bowie as Jareth, the evil Goblin King taken from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Fantasy designer Brian Froud created Jareth’s look in the film inspired by Marlon Brando in The Wild One and Brothers Grimm Fairy tales.

11. The Union Jack Coat


This leather Union Jack coat was designed by the famous British design Alexander McQueen and first appeared on the cover of Bowie’s album Eart HL I NG in 1997. The same year McQueen got the British Designer of the Year award and most likely not accidentally as the coat was all success.

12. Purple as a Prince


Even in 2002 performing at Hammersmith Apollo in London, wearing his Prince-like purple tuxedo, Bowie proved to be the fashion icon wherever he was.

13. Dead Spaceman


Bowie’s last image in the music video “Lazarus” is too extraordinary not to be included into this list. Not each one would dare to appear as a dead spaceman lying in a coffin, agree?

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