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Beard Lights Will Turn Your Facial Hair Into A Christmas Tree

Over the years, beards have become an unlikely source for amusing hair trends. We’ve seen guys decorating their whiskers with bouquets of spring flowers as well as silly, bizzare objects. But when Christmas is already around the corner it is a perfect time to show the holiday spirit by decorating nothing else but your own beard.

If you are ready for such an experiment, this year  London’s East Village E20 is the perfect location to spruce up your beard with festive decorations and over-the-top trinkets. This Sunday, December 11, all locals and city’s visitors can head to the East Village E20’s Christmas Market. There you will find a grooming stall open from 11 am until 4 pm, that will turn any gentleman’s beard and whiskers into festive sight. A professional stylist ensures that all the services are totally free and each man who decides to transform his look for Christmas will leave the stall shining like a Christmas tree.


source: mentalfloss

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