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10 Wildest Shoe Designs You Don’t Want To Try!

Shoes are no longer just a necessary element of your closet but one of the most important elements showing your style and personality. While the majority of us is trying just to buy a new pair just matching in color and style, the others go far beyond and get shoes that are truly weird and extraordinary. This is one of the ways to express your personality. Have a look at this collection and choose a pair matching your individuality:

It is no longer about fut coats only, the shoes take this trend as well. Some of them do look too animal like.

Animalfashionvictim101, popgloss, twolia, hellishhumor

The case when designer pushed the boundaries between the form, shape and the main function of the shoes – to be walkable.

Artisticsplendidcity, thefashionpolice, fashionvictim101, funalso

If you are tired of boring fashion and are looking for some extraordinary style – such type could totally rock your world.

Designbabydoll, declubz, myamazingfact, gemersiksufi, anshul, ebaumsworld

Some of the shoes are too radical in their looks and won’t appeal to every single fashion guru for sure, but will shock instead.

Feethem, specialfootwear, designswan, 2dayblog

Party shoes will be a great addition to your costume. Just be careful with walking.

High-Heelsaioviga, misslalaland, timetranscript, highheelshoemuseum

While high heels are chic, glamorous and elegant, nobody will ever refuse from comfort. Designers even came up with idea to make shoes from eco- friendly material, even if the looks is not that appealing.

Improvised interestingfacts, toxel)

The exotic design of the shoes is one of the best ways to stand out among the crowd. Don’t be afraid to experiment with designs

Quirkyfreshvintage, fashionandnonsense, stylefeeder, nypost, effamadha

But don’t go too far like these shoes which look like from the other world. Who on earth would wear them? Though the umbrella shoes look kind of nifty.

Funnydeclubz, funnypictures, impactlab, blacklognz

High heels are already not the most comfortable shoes in the world, but designers decided it is not enough and add some sharp metals to make the whole process of wearing even more pleasant.

Painful1designswan, showmeyourshoes, gizmodiva, thefashionpolice

But some of the designs can’t even belong to any of the category, a little bit with humor, a little bit weird, but some people do love them, so let’s respect the choice of everyone.

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