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Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland – Paris

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - Paris

There are some people out there who might scorn Disneyland Paris and its counterparts for being for kids. However nearly one-third of the people who attend the Disneyland are adults who come without children. To be sure, many of those adult guests are boomers chasing down old memories and others, like us, creating new unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Walt Disney himself once said that Disney’s success rested in part on creating “a believable world of dreams that appeals to all age groups.”

I think the older you get the harder it can be to let your imagination run free. We get so caught up in our everyday lives that precious moments can pass us by so quickly – often without us even noticing. Then, one day, we wake up and it’s too late. So, when we are fortunate enough to get a chance to step off the hamster wheel every now and again, we get a taste of life as we would love it to be. Nothing wrong with letting our dreams become reality for a while, isn’t it?

This is the beauty of Disneyland. Indeed, it is the place where dreams come true. As my wife and I walked through the gates of the park in Paris we felt like we were kids again.

How to get there

I have booked ticket for Eurostar train London-Paris because stepping onto a train in the middle of the British capital and stepping off in the center of the French capital is totally cool. It was first experience for my wife so I was keen to take that trip together.

Compared to catching a flight, Eurostar’s London-Paris route offers a far more convenient and quicker alternative when you factor in check-in and time spent getting to the airport. With appropriate planning, the journey could even be quicker when booked in advance. Obviously, the real point is to get from London to Paris quickly, and with a minimum of hassle. And in that regard, there’s surely no better way to make the trip.

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisWaiting for the train in St Pancras station, London

Get ready for magic

You’ll feel the magic of Disneyland as soon as you step through the grand entrance. Straight away you’ll be injected with happiness and good vibes that will come at you from all over. It’s not just a buzz that seems a lot more spectacular and amplified when you’re a child!

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisDisneyland Park

Travel TipsBefore you book tickets online, be sure to check out for deals and discounts.

While we were there, we found that some of Disneyland’s attractions were perfect for people looking for a thrill. In some cases, this was because of the rides, which are perfect for the true adrenaline junkies out there.

Travel Tips: There are plenty of scary rides. If you’re looking for a real thrill, these adult rides are not for the faint hearted: Space Mountain; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril; Pirates of the Caribbean; Big Thunder Mountain

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisSpace Mountain

One of my favourite rollercoasters of the whole Disneyland is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. This high speed roller coaster reaches crazy fast speeds at 100km/h in less than 3 seconds – all whilst you rock out to Aerosmith and other rock classics.

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisRock 'n' Roller Coaster

It should also be noted that the horror and haunted places are more than immersive enough to get the heart racing.

One of the coolest places in the park is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: honestly, I don’t think I could go on this again I am so glad we did it for the scare factor. I will not tell you what to expect as it may ruin the surprise element but in few words that it’s a sky high elevator, that drops.

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisHollywood Tower. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Never mind the live shows, which come packed with more than enough stunts to set the soul ablaze with excitement. In particular, we will never forget the spectacles of seeing the bulls and horses come in for the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, not least because it was accompanied by great food as well as great music.

The atmosphere was fantastic and we had a brilliant night, well worth the money even if you are not big fan of American food the show itself is worth it!

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisAt Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisBulls and horses come to arena

Of course, there are also plenty of quieter diversions for people who prefer that sort of thing. One excellent example can be the chance to take a selfie with the Disney characters, who we had the pleasure of encountering while we were having breakfast at the time.

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisTaking a selfie with the Disney characters

Another excellent example consisted of the themed stores and other locations themselves, which possess a wonderful fairy tale atmosphere that can make for a very enchanting experience.

Travel Tips:When you come to Disney Paris, Rainforest cafe is one that really stands out. The way it is setup is simply great. Good varied menu and tasty food. 

Relive Your Childhood: Never Too Old For Disneyland - ParisRainforest cafe Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris is an experience never to be forgotten. There are those who will dismiss Disneyland for being something meant for children. However, I say that is a premature judgement, not least because Disneyland isn’t restricted to a single kind of entertainment but is instead quite versatile in nature. Do not let one’s preconceived notions to exercise too much influence in this matter because it would be a real shame to miss out on something that is so much fun.

featured image ©Gilbert Sopakuwa

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