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Knit Your Own Cozy Blanket Less Than In 4 Hours

If knitting is one of your hobbies, for sure the thought of how to make the process faster has come to your mind hundreds of times. Depends on what exactly you plan to knit, but these jumbo sized needles and a huge wool can certainly put the blanket knitting on a high speed mode. And here is exactly how to do it:

First off, here are the things you will need:
• lots of rolls of unspun wool roving, start with 4 balls for beginning, filted and unwashed
• two long 1 ½ inch PVC tubes
• Duct Tape

Cozy blanket (Image Source)

What you need to do:
1. First of all you need to make your own knitting needles, using a duct tape for crafting the “buds” on the end of each PVC tube, so later on you have something to stick your loops over and grip the wool.
2. Now, when your needles are done, the technique is pretty much the same as if you knit with smaller needles were using the small needles. But now the process is going to be faster though physical efforts required. If you make 24 loops across you will have a decent sized blanket.
3. To make blanket extra durable, when you finish you can seal the edges by using the end of your chord and weaving it in and out of the loops, seal it off when you run out by trying to loose the knot. Like this the weave will hold it in place.

Enjoy your new blanket! Besides you could practice doing scarves and other pieces of clothes as well. It would be a great gift for family members – made with your own hands and love.



featured image: businessinsider

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