Easy Tutorial On How To Make A Lined Zippered Pouch

If you have basic sewing skills and are willing to create something useful with your hands, this small cute pouch is a great idea. You may use it as a gift or store your beauty products and any other small details that miss their special place.
Here is what you need to do:
1. Choose two kinds of fabrics and make 4 even pieces out of it, two for the outside look, and two for the inner. The length should be the same one as the zipper you chose, while the width may vary according to your preferences. For the inner fabrics always choose something bright and colorful, it will add a stylish touch to your pouch.

2. Place the first piece of inner fabrics on the top of the table face up, second layer is a zipper and the last one is the outer fabric which comes face down. Make all three layers lined up.
3. In order to make the work more accurate stitch all the items together before sewing. Once done sew the zipper across the top but between the edge of the zipper layers and the zipper teeth as close as possible, there is a special tab for sewing zippers.
4. When you finish, pull back the fabrics and it should look like this. Repeat the same procedure with the second layer and make sure that fabrics goes all the way down the zipper length.

5. When you are done sewing both sides, the pouch should look like this, with all lines even, if somewhere the fabrics don’t match, cut carefully to even the sides.

6. Now the magic is coming, divide two layers of your fabrics on both sides of the zipper: one side inner layer, the other outside. Make sure to leave the zipper open at least half way so you could turn the pouch after it is stitched.

7. Pin the zipper teeth to the lining side.

8. Sew all the way around, around 1/4 inch from the edge to avoid split ends. Be careful with zipper as you need to sew exactly on the outside of the metal parts of both sides of the zippers. If your fabric is the same length as your zipper it will be easy to do. At the bottom of the lining side leave a two inch opening and clip the corners.

9. Turn the right side out, and sew the left opening either with sewing machine of handmade.

10. Push the layers inside and your cute pouch is done! You can decorate it in many ways and use it even for the kids as pencil box if you make it big enough. Now the imagination is all yours!



featured image:gingerlymade

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