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The Mushroom Chair Grew Out Of Fungi In 7 Days Only

Have you ever considered the idea of growing your own furniture? The question might have been answered by Terreform One, which presented their own mushroom chaise at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair during NYCXDesign week. The chair has grown in seven days only and is waste-free, biodegradable and which is environmentally – friendly, as instead of ending up in the trash by the end its life cycle it can be easily reintroduced into nature.


To complete the chase, Terreform had first to construct a masonite frame and then infuse it with mycelium spores with the help of Evocative, the company which specializes in packaging and structures made out totally from mushroom material. The next step for Terreform will be to create a chaise totally out of mushrooms!


But now the company’s main idea of this project is to answer the question: is it possible to grow the furniture instead of cutting the woods ? The executive director of Terreform One, Vivian Kuan presents his own alternative to the modern furniture, which can actually give back something to nature instead of destroying it on regular basis.



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