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Students Managed To Create A Colossal 3D Pen Sculpture Of Nissan Car

One group of students from Kingston University has been cooperating with a number of artists to create the world’s largest 3D pen sculpture, which resulted in the shape of a car.

Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car1

One of the students, Karsan Haval, engaged in product and furniture design cooperated with interior design undergraduates Luiza Darie Vlasceanu, Femi Adedoyin, Ruby Asare-Brown and Yelitzelena Leonard and formed a team. Students spent around 800 hours to craft a full sized replica of the Nissan Qashqai Black Edition for the Japanese firm, which produces 58 real cars in one hour only.

Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car2

The project was commissioned by Nissan in order to show the refined design of its new European crossover model. Students of art, design and technology spent two weeks on drawing a car with a 3D pen, which was later on used to weld the elements of the car into one piece.

Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car3

The team used special 3Doodler pens, which allow you to draw in the air and make objects by heating solid plastic to 230 degrees Celsius and forcing it through a small nozzle as it cools down a bit.

Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car5

What the students got in result is the final car, which stretches more than four meters long, is two meters high and is exact size as its real vehicle. It is a revolutionary turn in 3D painting, which actually changes the face of art.

Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car12Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car11Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car9Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car8Students-Managed-To-Create A-Colossal-3D-Pen-Sculpture-Of Nissan-Car7

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