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New Wine Glass Allows People To Drink In Style

The new invention is perfect for those people who hate lifting bottle every time and topping up their empty wine glass. Now you can simply turn the bottle into an over-sized glass.

The creative wine glass is called The Guzzle Buddy, which makes drinking wine extremely easy, fast and spill free. The glass is already available on the Amazon and has a so called moto – “plug it and chug it”. However don’t forget about responsible drinking, as finishing one bottle of wine at once is not considered to be the healthiest variant.

But this weird wine glass is an excellent idea for those who are afraid to make their white table cloth dirty, or don’t like to share their bottle of wine with nobody else. If you are looking for some innovating and unusual Christmas present for your friends, the Guzzle Buddy can be a great option.

The description on the Amazon pages states the following: “For every wine lover- takes your favorite bottle of wine and turns it into your over-sized extra large giant XL wine glass”.

Enjoy your favorite wine in a stylish way!

source: telegraph

New Wine Glass Allows People To Drink In Style
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