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Meet The New Trending Accessory – Meat Bags!

The new fashion of meat bags has reached the market! Village Vanguard is selling really stylish backpacks which remind you nothing else but steaks, which can be chosen up to your taste – rare or well done?

These creative backpacks are made of soft velour, have adjustable straps and even a hidden inside pocket for meat storage, just kidding, but the pocket is there!
The designer didn’t limit her choice for backpacks only on meat, in case you are more of a sandwich person, there is something for you as well – a delicious cheeseburger backpack.
The Steven Universe Cheeseburger Backpack will give you a chance to travel with a piece of meat on your back as well as stuffed with a slice of cheese, lettuce and tomato which can be unzipped into several pockets. That’s really awesome idea!
These bags are designed from polyester, polyurethane and nylon to make the image look extremely realistic. You can start ordering the bag now for 54.95$ and the shipping will be available from July 5.
Make your bag stylish!



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