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The Incredible Art Of Car Camouflage


You may ask why would you even need to mask the car on the road, right? These are unusual ways to hide the new car editions from too curious looks. Before the whole car is built, the engine and inner details should be tested. In order not to show the final design of the car, producers use such methods of camouflage:


The most common type of camouflage is black and white print with repeating design. Thanks to such colors, the male plugs of the car body are securely hidden. It is often used during the final trials. The most interesting variations of prints are presented by Jaguar Land Rover company.


British producers dressed up the cabriolet Jaguar F-Type in black and white camouflage, but the design consisted of thousands variations of „F” letter.


Land Rover Discovery went even further with masking, the offroader was decorated with kids’ paintings, which were digitally imprinted and applied on the body of the car.


Discovery Sport decided to play smart and distracted attention from the outer design by placing a so called X-Ray as a print, so you can actually look inside the car.


Astonishing design of McLaren P1 is really impressing you with the black and white print. Looks absolutely amazing.


Some companies use camouflage not only for hiding their new models. For example, Porsche introduced in 2013 a prototype of LMP1 to participate in World’s racing championship (WEC).


In the beginning of 2015, Formula 1 team showed RB11 in black and white print. Besides stylish look it also hid the peculiarities of aerodynamics inside from the competitors.


Alfa Romeo company gave preference to red color during the test drive o 8C Competizione. Italians decided not to waste too much money and applied the tape on the most important parts only.


The most exotic place for masking belong to Mercedez-AMG GT. It is hard to believe that such a bright green car left the plant and not the tuning saloon instead.


Audi went old style and used a simple old blanket to cover the body of A7: cheap and effective.


Ferrari tried to hide the new LaFerrari by turning it into the huge whale. Or maybe it is just a smile on the front?


Before that the prototype looked like a turtle, LaFerrari Shooting Brake – sounds good, right?


Pagani company was testing Huayra BC dressed in dozens of QR codes. People sent the codes to the official company and could watch three short videos with a camouflaged model.


This variant is used when there is basically nothing to hide. The inner details are done, but the body is not designed yet.

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