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Flash Back In History: Electric Bikes Made With Vintage Parts From The 1950s

Thanks to the creativity of Italian craftsman Luca Agnelli, it is possible nowadays to the enjoy the convenience and comfort of modern technologies with a classic, old fashioned design. This perfect combination was achieved probably due to the education of the artist, who was trained in the antique furniture restoration.

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Luca Agnelli got so inspired that in the age of only 22 , he already opened his own design lab, where he started his experiments – giving new life to the old things.

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Every electric bike is totally handmade and the vintage parts used in the design are from 1950-s, including fuel tanks and even frames. Of course all of these parts were totally renovated and remodeled according to the modern needs with all necessary accessories.


Each of the bikes was a challenge for the artist and none of them repeat each other. The artists took a special care for each of the parts, making everything look and serve perfectly. In result you can see the old fashioned creativity with today practicality. Doesn’t it sound just right?

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Luca Agnelli managed to create something new, modern without destroying its past.



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