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Estonian Students Designed A Wooden Structure To Navigate The Forest Floods


Estonian Soomaa forests are known for regular seasonal floods, that’s why this summer the architecture and design students built three floating structures to fix the situation. Tutored by such architects as Sami Rintala, Pavle Stamenovic and studio b210, students crafted a shelter, a fireplace and sauna just amidst the nature.


Due to severe floods that happen in the area of bogland every year the visitors who come to explore this beautiful territory in canoe or just on foot suffer. The water keeps rushing down the roads as well destroying everything on its way. Students were eager to take the challenge and build the wooden structure titled Veetee, aimed to serve both visitors and nature.


Now you may find a shelter and a fireplace in the forest, but unfortunately sauna sank during the trial period. The wet areas in the forest are a treasure for explorers as this is the home to beautiful landscapes and unique species.


But at the same time it is extremely hard to explore it, when it comes to getting around and staying. Though now you have a shelter where to stay, a fire to warm you up and hopefully sauna again for the best experience.



source: inhabitat

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