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Astonishing Kinetic Sand Drawing Tables Designs

Bruce Shapiro has taken table designs to the new level. He transformed the tools that are commonly used in sculpture crafting into the sculpture itself. Artist uses CNC machines to make the tables that trace wonderful kinetic patterns in thin layers of sand.


Shapiro called his new kinetic art – Sisyphus project. It is a perfect title, as the metal balls moving through each of the table’s sand make an impression of rolling forever and creating such beautiful patterns as the Greek myth.

Shapiro has been producing Sisyphus sculptures for around 20 years by now and has his works presented in Germany, Australia and Switzerland. But artist wanted his works to live also in usual homes that’s why he created Kickstarter to start the production of three different types of smaller, domestic tables. You may find an end table, three-foot metal coffee table and four foot hardwood coffee table to complement your home design. Admire the beautiful works and maybe you will find something to fit your house:



source: thisiscolossal

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