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A Sprinkle Of Magic In Ordinary Household Objects

Marcel Wanders has created a new bright collection – “Alessi circus”, colorful, exciting series of objects which can be usually found in the regular house. Artist added a touch of magic to household accessories by including five limited edition pieces, each representing an important circus character: “the jester”, “the strongman”. “the ballerina”, “the ringleader”, and “the candyman”.

‘the jester’ (gilberto) – corkscrew

Officina-Alessi-TheJester_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x808 TheJester-alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x1090

‘the strongman’ (marcello) – nutcracker

Officina-Alessi-Strongman_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x882 Strongman_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x1095

‘the ringleader’ (massimo) – call bell

Officina-Alessi_Ringleader_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x587 Ringleader_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x1096
‘the candyman’ (alberto) – candy dispenser

Officina-Alessi_Candyman_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x797 Candyman_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x1095
‘the ballerina’ (valentina) – musical box

Officina-Alessi_Ballerina_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-02-818x768 Ballerina_alessi-circus-marcel-wanders-designboom-818x1093

The whole collection consists of 29 products where each of them is distinguished by bright square, striped and pointed geometric patterns, with a perfect choice of colors, ranging from white, black to gold and silver.

This magical collection with an excellent quality has resulted in beautiful series of table sculptures, which can be a personal collection and handed down from one generation to another.


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