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Vanished Faberge Eggs From Russia

Peter Carl Faberge and his brother Agathon used to be Russian jewelers of French origin living in St. Petersburg. The two brothers got their fame for unique, quality and absolutely astonishing work. Even Tsar Alexander III commissioned the production of gold and enamel “Hen Egg” for his wife, which she adored. The Faberge eggs were made “Goldsmith by Special Appointment to the Imperial Crown” and during the next 33 years, there were 52 eggs crafted, both for Russian Royal Family and other 15 private buyers.

But in 1917, Russian Revolution toppled Tsar Nicholas who has been executed with most of his family in 1918. Such events made Peter Carl Faberge abandon Russia and move first to Latvia, then Germany and finally settle down in Switzerland where he died in 1920 in Lausene.
Of course the Faberge eggs and many other royal treasures have been confiscated and hidden in the vaults of the Kremlin Armory. Some of the masterpieces were even sold in order to raise funds for new regime. Since that time it has been stated that eight of the original 52 Imperial eggs have vanished and nobody knows where they are until now. Besides that, these are the eggs that still miss from the collection:

(1886) The Hen Egg with Sapphire Pendant
(1888) The Cherub with Chariot Egg (PPC-USA)
(1889) The Nécessaire Egg (PPC-UK)
(1896) The Egg with Alexander III Portraits
(1897) The Mauve Egg
(1902) Empire Nephrite Egg (Alexander III Medallion)
(1903) The Royal Danish (Jubilee) Egg
(1909) The Alexander III Commemorative Egg

Back in 2007, there was only one egg “The Rothschid” sold at Christie’s Auction House for just 8.9$ million.


source: ancientexplorers

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