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The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?

Within last few years  the alien image underwent a significant change, from the ridiculed “little green men” of early fifties to well-known “grays” as benevolent “space brothers” in seventies. But recently  a new alien type came into a spotlight: the “reptilians” (also called “reptoids,” “sauroids” etc.).  If we look into ancient text like Vedas etc we’ll find reptilians-like creatures  associated with the Nagas – semi-divine living beings who are half-human and half-reptilian.


The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?Snake goddess in a half-reptilian form, Halebidu Temple, Karnataka, India (Image Source)


Nagas – Serpent Beings in different Cultures

“The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means “serpent”. Further meanings from the Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Monier-Williams: m. “not moving,” a mountain (in Atharva Veda);  the number 7 (because of the 7 principal mountains;  any tree or plant (in Mahabharata); the sun.

In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has an equivalence to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?Nagaraja is a Sanskrit word from naga (snake) and raj (king) meaning King of Snakes.

The buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of seven serpents which is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolism of the seven serpents, usually cobras, are also on Masonic aprons or certain systems in the Buddhist ruins of Cambodia (Ankhor) and Ceylon. The great temple-builders of the famous Ankhor Wat were considered to be the semi-divine Khmers. The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the seven-headed Naga. And even in Mexico, we find the “Naga” which becomes “Nagal.” In China, the Naga is given the form of the Dragon and has a direct association with the Emperor and is known as the “Son of Heaven”… while in Egypt the same association is termed “King-Initiate.” The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita. For a place that has no serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called “Lu!” (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, becomes Lu-trub.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?Angkor Wat Naga and guardian lion

In India, the Nagas are considered as “nature spirits” and the “protectors” of water resources like the springs, wells, and rivers.

They are believed to bring rain, and fertility, but on the flip side, they also bring disasters like floods and drought. They are considered to be blessed with miraculous powers and immense strength and are often confused with snakes, mainly the hooded cobra. According to the legends, these creatures lived inside the earth in large kingdoms and were both friendly and dangerous to the humans.

The female naginis or nagi, as they are called, are serpent princesses with striking beauty. The dynasties of Manipur in northeastern India, the Pallavas in southern India, and the ruling family of Funan of ancient Indochina each claimed to have an origin in the union of a human and a nagi.

 Naga in Buddhist tradition

In Buddhism, the representation of the Nagas is a little different than other religions. They are considered as the door guardians or, as in Tibet, the minor deities.

The concept is beautifully depicted in the 9th–13th century Mon-Khmer Buddhas which are now called as Thailand and Cambodia respectively. In Jainism the Tirthankara or the savior, Parshvanatha is always depicted with a canopy of Naga hoods above his head.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?A seated Buddha statue under the cover of a multi-headed Naga

Buddhism considers the Nagas as the protectors of Buddha and Dharma. In fact, the Nagas are believed to be the most dangerous when they are angered. David Icke, an author, and public speaker claims the presence of Nagas during Buddha’s birth. There is yet another mention of the connection between the Nagas and the Buddha in the famous Hindu scripture and epic Mahabharata. In this scripture, it is said that Buddha protected the Nagas from an attack by a half-human, half-bird creature called the Garuda.

According to Barbara O’Brien, a student of Zen Buddhism and a journalist, in Tibetan Buddhism, Sakya Yeshe, a great Lama, along with his attendants was returning to Tibet from China. He was carrying important and valuable sutras with him that were given by the king. Somehow, the texts fell into the river and were lost. On reaching the monastery, the Lama learned that some old man had delivered some sutras that were damp yet intact. The sutras were the same ones that had fallen into the river. The Lama believed that the old man was a naga who came disguised as a human.

O’Brien has many more examples to share. In yet another instance, Buddha was meditating at the root of the Muccalinda Sutta tree when a storm arrived. A naga king called as Muccalinda spread his large hood over the Buddha to protect him from the rain and the cold.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?A statue of the Buddha sheltered by the naga Mucalinda at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai. The golden chedi of the temple forms the backdrop. (Image Source)

According to the Himavanta Sutta (Samyutta Nikaya 46.1) which is a short discourse in Buddhism, the Buddha used the Nagas in a story. Buddha said that the Nagas depend on the Himalayas for their strength. When they are strong, they come down to small lakes and streams. As they get stronger, they start moving towards larger lakes and rivers and eventually enter the ocean. In the sea, the Nagas achieve prosperity and greatness.

Similarly, the monks depend on virtues that they develop through the Seven Factors of Enlightenment which include, mindfulness, investigation, energy, happiness, tranquility, concentration and equanimity to attain greatness of mental qualities.

Modern Version of Nagas

While this was the take on religious thoughts on the Nagas, the modern day views it in a slightly different manner. While the legend talks about creatures’ ability to shape-shift into human form, the theory popularized by David Icke states that some high-ranking politicians and other people have bloodline ties with these beings and consider them as real shapeshifters. According to Icke, the bloodline has been kept intact for many ages.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?The idea of reptilians was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human societies.

Icke suggests that the reptilian type of beings is worshiped by the globalists who come from constellations of Draco, Sirius, and Orion. Many years ago, the reptilians lived on earth and started interbreeding with humans, not physically but by manipulating the human DNA code. Icke is of the opinion that people possess the basic reptilian genetics in their brains.

The Naga: Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin?Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, so-called reptilians. (Image Source)

Credo Mutwa, a South-African based Zulu shaman at a seminar, informed that according to the African legends, the Chitauri, the reptilian like “gods” came from the heavens in massive vessels which burned through the atmosphere. These “gods” soon became the dictators of the people and took away the potentiality and power of the human race.

The reptilian beings are on Earth now, they always have been on this planet and, if we can overcome our inherent fear of the reptilian image and understand how it has been used against us, we will one day realize that, although we are physically different, we are from the same primordial essence.


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