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Photographer Captures Images Of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe

Photographer Captures Images Of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe

While the world keeps celebrating technology development and continues to change at a dizzying speed, one lost Amazonian tribe didn’t change its lifestyle since 20,000 years ago and is believed to be the world’s last uncontacted tribes people.

The Indians reside in the isolated nomadic groups inside the Brazilian rain forest close to the Peruvian border. Photographer Ricardo Stuckert managed to capture incredible pictures of the tribe while hiding in the trees.

Once the helicopter reached close the area this month, the locals were totally panic – stricken. They were leaving their shelters trying to hide as deep as possible under the foliage. However later on some men did get enough courage to fire the volleys of primitive arrows at the noisy helicopter.

Photographer Captures Images Of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe
This tribe was discovered absolutely by chance – photographer was actually on his way to meet another tribe which has been in contact with the rest of the world in the north-western state of Acre. But due to the thunderstorm his helicopter had to divert and he found these Indians.

It is thought the men are from the same unnamed tribe observed from the air in 2008 and 2010. They are believed to have moved on a number of occasions since then.
To think that in the 21st century, there are still people who have no contact with civilisation, living like their ancestors did 20,000 years ago — it’s a powerful emotion,’ Stuckert told  National Geographic  magazine.
‘They seemed more inquisitive than fearful. There was a mutual curiosity, on their part and mine. I felt like I was a painter in the last century.’

The tribe is wearing a red body paint which serves as a camouflage and you can see a colorful macaw parrot sitting on the roof.

‘We had always believed they all cut their hair in the same way,’ said José Carlos Meirelles, an official from Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency — who was accompanying the photographer.
But that’s not true. You can see they have many different styles. Some look very punk.’

So far nobody is aware which language they speak, but they appear healthy. Corn, manioc (a starchy tuber) and bananas were seen being grown in the clearing.

The Amazon rainforest on the Brazilian border of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia is thought to be home to around 100 tribes who live in isolation from the modern world.

Photographer Captures Images Of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe

And although Brazil enforces a ‘no contact’ policy towards the indigenous tribes, they are often threatened by encroachment from illegal loggers.

Photographer Captures Images Of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe

As for the defensive arrows fired at the helicopter, photographer says: ‘They’re messages. Those arrows mean: “Leave us in peace. Do not disturb.” ’ 

source: dailymail

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