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The Health Secrets Of The Hunza People Who Live Over 100 Years

People inhabiting the Hunza Valley seem to be full of life, cheerful and always happy. Their lifestyle allows them to live more than 100 years old and they don’t know what cancer is at all. They can also conceive after 60 years and almost never have tumor. People get surprised once they find out how people manage to live up to 120 years and look so youthful, but their secrets are rather simple:

Hunza people live around 120 years. While the average life expectancy of Pakistani is only 67. On the other hand Hunza people are quite strong and sturdy at the age of 100 and say that it is all about food you eat. Instead of living to eat, they eat to live. Usually they have two meals per day : a rich breakfast and a dinner after sunset. They give preference to natural foods, like grains, milk, fruit and veggies and you won’t find chemicals in their meals.


They often have kids after the age of 60. Another amazing fact, which is absolutely true. Hunzas can easily conceive between the age of 60 and 90 thanks to their physical activity and diet.

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Hunzas don’t stress over small things, they just keep smiling. You can even compare their lives to children ones. They do live in a moment. Hunzas don’t have diseases connected with stress and tension, cause they developed a strong immune system to self doubt and failures.

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It turns out, that Hunzas are descendants of Alexander the Great. According to the Burusho legend, people of Hunza descend from Baltir, the village was found after Alexander the Great left sick soldiers in the valley who couldn’t keep up.

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There is no cancer in Hunza. The researchers found out that apricots are the answer to the cancer absence in the valley. Hunzas eat a huge amount of fruit which is rich in Amygdalin, known for its anticancer properties.

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They are active, fast and by no means lazy. Instead of watching the movies and sit in the cozy couch, villagers work hard from dawn to dusk. They love to walk and engage themselves in sport activities.

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Within 2-4 months they consume nothing but the juice extracted from dried apricots. Once a year for a period of two to four months, Hunzas take a break from their regular diet and solely live on the juice of dried apricots. It is an old tradition that they still follow during the time when apricots are unripe. Scientists agree that it contributes to their amazing health.

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Gorgeous skin is achieved thanks to drinking and bathing in the glacier water. Hunzas drink and bath only the glacier water which comes directly from the mountains. One of the favorite drink is a hot tea, made of boiled glacier water and a herb known as Tumuru.

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