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Gigantic Cabbage Became A Landmark For The Chinese City

Giant cabbage has been installed in the Chinese city of Anyang, Henan Province. Main attraction of trade fair, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture a 19 meter-tall Chinese cabbage has been set up as a symbol of organic vegetable farming.

This huge statue is made of reinforced  plastic and has a diameter of 8 meters in total. Colossal Chinese cabbage is pulling local residences and foreign tourists to take its photo, and has become very fast a landmark for the city.

Chinese like playing with words and symbols, some of the foods are given particular meanings. In Mandarin, the Chinese cabbage (baicai or qingcai) is a symbol for wealth because it has the same pronunciation as the word “money” or “wealth” (cai). And when it comes to wealth and fortune, bigger is always better.

huge cabbage

chinese cabbage

chinese cabbage

chinese cabbage



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