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An Abandoned Romanian Casino Bursts With New Colors

An old Romanian casino which stayed abandoned for long time has got a new life thanks to glitter bombs, which Sony uses for its bright ad for BRAVIA 4K HDR televisions.

The whole ad was done in 4K, managing to capture every single glitter as it explodes out of popping balloons hidden in the floor to ceiling inside the aging structure. There were around 4, 000 balloons and 3, 300 pounds of glitter used to create an ad.


The citizens started to gather in front of the casino on the shooting day attracted by the white balloons stacked inside the windows. In the film, every single balloon starts tumbling though the space until its totally filled with them.

But for photographer it would be impossible to capture such a shot, as it is all about milliseconds. But they found a smart way – a high speed photographer Fabian Hefner attached a noise sensor to camera shutter so it triggered automatically once a balloon popped.

Just have a look at this video to see the whole idea in motion:

source: weburbanist

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