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7 Delicious Christmas Desserts From Around The World

Christmas is celebrated all over the world in unique and different ways. With various traditions comes, of course, different customary foods. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the smell of yummy dishes spreading out from the kitchen, without family dinners, full tables, and amazing flavors. Since eating is such a big deal during Christmas, the food must be both delicious and plentiful. Each culture displays and cherishes  their own set of unique holiday traditions through their meals and most importantly their holiday sweets. Let’s have a look at the most enjoyable Christmas desserts around the world:

1.Sachertorte, Austria

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The Original Sacher-Torte has been the most famous cake in the world  since 1832 when current Austrian minister asked his kitchen staff to prepare a major dinner which was supposed to be attended by a prince. Because the chef was taken ill, a 16-years old apprentice was given the responsibility to make a dessert. He then made Sachertorte which turned out to be inventive and as royal as the guests. The basis of the  entire confection is a chocolate cake, thinly coated by hand with best-quality apricot jam. The chocolate icing on top of it is the crowning glory. It tastes best with a portion of unsweetened whipped cream.

2.Pavlova, New Zealand

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 The first true pavlova recipe was Pavlova Cake from New Zealand in 1929. While the  dessert named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova was a four-layered jelly from a book published in 1926. This meringue-based cake consists of a crust (crispy outside and soft inside), fruit and tons of whipped cream. If you want to add some variety to your Christmas dinner, it’s a perfect option, even if you live in a cold climate.

3.Lampreia de Ovos, Portugal

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This dessert, which originated in the region of Leiria, is part of the Christmas dinner of several families, especially in the central region of Portugal.”Lampreia de ovos” is a dessert made in the form of lamprey confectioned with almond, caramel and icing sugar and then decorated with “fios de ovos” (threads of egg yolk and sugar).

4. Stollen, Germany

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Stollen is a sweet bread made with an addition of dried and candied fruit, spices, and nuts. Thanks to the dried fruit in the dough, the cake is beautiful and colorful. It tastes best if it has time to age, meaning if you want to have it ready by Christmas, you should try to make it four weeks before hand. To store it, simply wrap it in aluminum foil and keep it in your pantry.

5.Russian tea cakes, the United States

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Despite their name, the Russian tea cakes are popular in the United States . These buttery melt-in-your mouth cookies go by many names but they are always twice rolled in powdered sugar and filled with finely chopped nuts.

6.Risalamande, Denmark

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A traditional Christmas dinner in Denmark is generally composed of roast duck, sugar-browned potatoes (brunede kartofler) as well as risalamande. Risalamande (also written ris a la mande) is a rich rice pudding with almonds topped with sour cherries in their syrup. Yes, you guessed it, the name comes from the French riz a l’amande (rice with almonds).

7. Three kings cake, France, Spanish-speaking countries, the United States

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The three kings cake gained popularity in many different countries, both in Europe and the US. It’s associated with the festival of Epiphany held in January, at the end of Christmas season. Originally, king cakes were a simple ring of dough with a small amount of decoration. Today’s king cakes are much more festive. After the rich Danish dough is braided and baked, the “baby” is inserted. The top of the ring or oval cake is then covered with delicious sugar toppings in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.

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