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12 Crazy Things That Freak Out Aussies About Their Own Country

Even though Australia is one of the most culturally similar countries to the U.S., we sometimes just can’t understand why they do the things they do and things that going on around there are totally nuts for the rest of the world. Chalk it up to the excessive heat if you want, but some Aussie things are just a bit too odd for Americans to wrap their heads around. And not just for US citizens: this year Aussies have collected few things that makes them totaly freaked out about their own country:

1. A spider and a mouse

Aman from Mackay, Queensland filmed a huge spider eating an entire mouse on his fridge. The video went so viral that collected 22 million views, and this is what the Australians have to live with every single day.

2. Snake fight


Two huge snakes were having a fight in the woman’s pool just so that one of them could mate with another female snake who was peacefully living under the woman’s house.

3. Back to spiders


Aussies kept reporting finding huge spiders in the store-bought broccolis.

4. Fire causes

birdsimage source (Image Source)

It turned out that Australian birds were actively starting bushfires to hunt prey in outback Australia.

5. Snakes in the houses


How would you feel finding a huge snake just in the wall of your house.

6. Got a bite

snake-biteimage source (Image Source)

A horrified mother found a huge snake biting her son’s face while he was asleep.

7. Snake as a domestic animal

There's currently a bloke down here drinking a VB tally and chucking his pet snake around. Amazing

A video posted by Vegan Fox (@indy.bones) on

While usually people play with doggies on the beach, this Aussie chose a snake to spend time with. The other beach visitors had to admire these water games.

8. Confiscated snake

snake-aussieimage source (Image Source)

People got so crazy with snakes, that one of them kept taking his pet snake Bread for a public train. The snake was eventually confiscated.

9. Wake up call

snakeimage source (Image Source)

One lady had a nice morning wake up call by a 65 lbs, 16 foot snake residing by her bed.

10. Always keep your four-legged friends inside when in Australia

One dude caught a snake eating his cat….

11. Shark attack


The teenager was quite cool after being attacked by a shark.

12. Pokemon Go


A woman stumbled on the park during Pokemon Go game, which was totally covered with spider nets.

source: buzzfeed

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