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What To Do With Solo Socks?

Every house and apartment has a secret corner where one sock from each pair secretly sneaks in after laundry. But somehow nobody knows where exactly is this corner, that’s why the collection of solo socks looking for their soulmates always tops up. Sounds familiar? If you didn’t find yet that corner where your socks hide, consider these ideas of reusing your solo travelers:

Smartphone holder


The holder will be really handy if the gummy on the sock is rather tough. You can always use while running or working out in the gym.

Cup holders


Perfect thing for those who are always rush and have their hot cup of coffee while running errands.

Thermos cover

12318065-collage6-1469524973-650-fe76e41d79-1469599689© knitsarina

With such a cute cover, your thermos will look extremely cute, plus will keep your beverages always warm.

Rabbits for storing safety pins and needles

12318165-collage7-1469525211-650-f999dae88d-1469599689© Lisa Tilse / envato-tuts+

Crafty ladies will appreciate the idea for sure! This adorable rabbits will take care of your tiny equipment!

Sock bouquet

12317765-collage1-1469432000-650-350740f113-1469599689© With a grateful prayer and a thankful heart

If you had no idea what to present for your boyfriend or husband, consider this lovely bouquet with extremely necessary pieces of clothes inside.

Soft toy

There is never enough soft toys around your house!

Perfect gloves

12317565-Untitled-3cop2yacopy-1469432699-650-97dcaaa5cc-1469599689© We Lived Happily Ever After

Unfortunately autumn is already on the way, so start thinking how to keep your hands warm! Such fashionable gloves will be very handy!

Home terrarium

Your kids are going to love this adorable, bright snake!

Bracelet for a small princess

12318315-diy-old-socks08-1469436381-650-e9ab694b06-1469599689© Sortrature

If your girl keeps asking for new accessory, you can actually make it together!

Donuts anti stress

12318265-collage9-1469440282-650-7023db2030-1469599689© Diy Food Garden & Craft Ideas

These cute soft donuts can be used both as a toy, as a holder for needles or just like décor element.

Smartphone case

12317615-collage10-1469441233-650-3128f7f97c-1469599689© Eleanna Kotsikou / envato-tuts+

If you are afraid your phone will get cold in winter, this case will keep it warm for sure!


featured image: etsy

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