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The Long Rainbow Like Hair Of This Woman is Absolutely Astonishing

Trisha Reibelt continues to amaze and surprise her fans with new hair styles and hairdos. The modern Rapunzel’s hair is approximately 4 feet long, but it is not the length that makes the hair so spectacular. It is the colors that woman chooses for dying her locks: bright, vibrant , which turn her hair into the rainbow.


The Australian girl has been growing her hair not so long, only since 2004 and only recently was brave enough to chop like one foot from her lovely hair for the Melbourne Hair Expo, where worked as a model. It does save her few more minutes on the hair do in the morning, so now she can have couple of minutes extra to sleep before heading to work. Some people do believe that Trisha is wearing extensions, but she reassured that all of the hair is totally hers, and the only secret for such a gorgeous and healthy hair is avoiding the heat styling products, she also washes her hair once a well with silicon free shampoo and conditioner and always applies a vinegar rinse.


Trisha loves bright colors and is not afraid to experiment with the help of her best friend, who adds some touches every three month.
All the effort of taking care of such a hair is totally worth of it, as she looks absolutely gorgeous, just have a look at this hair!

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