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The Giant Leaf Has Been Transformed Into Stunning Garden Decor

Sometimes the best crafty things come out from the combination of materials you would never thought can match! Like the blogger Kat, from Medicine Hat, Alberta would never thought that a huge rhubarb leaf can turn into something so gorgeous as it looks now. She was astonished by its huge size and beauty and decided to turn it into the garden decor. And this is exactly how she managed it:

First Kat collected the materials, like cement, sand, plastic wrap and wire mesh.


Lightly moisturized the sand, so it could hold the shape of the initial mold.


Prepared the cement.



Kat really wanted her leaf to look natural and curved shape, just the way it looks while growing, that’s why she used the sand, and molded the base to form the exact shape.


In order to prevent the sand getting mixed with sand and ruining all the texture, Kat put some plastic over the sand.


Next layer over the sand base was the actual leaf, facing up with underside, so more veins could be visible.


The wire mesh cut helps the cement to stay sturdy and avoid the breakage.


Kat poured on the cement, laid down the mess and covered with more cement to make sure that the whole image got enough cement.


So far it doesn’t look so cute, but wait until it dries out.


The whole drying process took around three days, and Kat covered everything with plastic just in case.


Once dry she flipped it over.


After washing and removing the extra cement this is what came out.


She let the cement dry more outside in the sun and later on added a special touch by paint.


The metal paint added the ombre effect along with black veins to make them stand out.


While you can always use it as simple décoration, Kat for example found another way to use it – catching the rainwater and showing it the way to run out.

Perfect solution for the owners of big gardens!



Images via @Kat from the Hat

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