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The Coloring Book From The Producers Of Ancient Aliens Has Gone Viral

ancient aliens coloring book

Colouring has come of age as both an effective method of de-stressing and creating your own art in the process. An Ultimate gift for Ancient Aliens fans, as well as a must-have for coloring enthusiasts curious to explore the unanswered questions of our ancient civilizations is The Coloring Book that ties into History Channel network’s hit series Ancient Aliens.

Brimming with forty richly detailed illustrations of ancient artifacts, awe-inspiring archeological locations, and cultural phenomena The Colouring Book immerses famous show’s fans in the wonder of these enigmas.

One of the spectacular examples of the outlets is drawn by artist Kathleen Edwards.

The images you see in the article refer to Roswell crop circles,  the “Golden Flyer Figurines” of Tolima, Colombia (aliens); and Mayan artwork found in King Pakal’s tomb (definitely aliens).

mayan-3b-1Sarcophagus lid of the Maya ruler of Palenque, King Pakal the Great, Credit: enkispeaks

The main concept of wildly popular show Ancient Aliens is to introduce viewers to mysterious ancient relics and wondrous archeological sites, the show explores the fascinating unanswered questions about the origins of our civilizations and the possibility of extraterrestrial influence on our cultures and development.

The Coloring Book is an intriguing introduction to this mind-blowing show for dedicated coloring devotees curious to explore our ancient civilizations in a unique way.

Ancient Aliens: The Coloring Book is a truly unique addition to the coloring book category – one that encourages colorists of all ages to color away stress and anxiety, as they explore the fascinating possibility that we are not alone in the universe.

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