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Mechanized Monsters: Military Aircraft Turned Into Spooky Creatures

Los Angeles-based talented industrial designer Alice Bruderer creates spooky illustrations of mechanised monsters. Each bizarre creature has its story and is a part of bigger project that Alice is working on.

“The creatures are the physical embodiment of the ‘spirit’ of these machines. And the world they are depicted in is a glimpse into a strange alternate Earth, where these machine spirits are brought into the physical world as the ‘biomechs’ by the hand of a mysterious creature race. They evolve alongside mankind, and this element fundamentally changes the course of history as we know it,” Alice shared her ideas with Sputnik. “More of the actual story will be released in time!” Quite a few Russian characters have found there place among the fascinating and at the same time pretty spooky “aerosaurs” in the designer’s mechanized monster series. “They are important to my story, so you will be seeing more of the fighters soon,” the artist said.

mechanized-monster3An aethermonster based on a JU-87 Stuka. “Todtenvogel, which means ‘death bird’ in German,” according to the description.
mechanized-monster2F-117 Nighthawk aerosaurs
mechanized-monster4Aerosaur characters based on SU-33, SU-34 and SU-47
mechanized-monster5An Ilyushin IL-2 aerosaur “Sturmi”
mechanized-monster6A twin takeoff of F-5s
mechanized-monster8A Lun aerosaur. The Lun-class ekranoplan, a ground effect vehicle (GEV) designed by Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev and used by the Soviet and Russian navies from 1987 until the late 1990s.
mechanized-monster7A MiG 23. “The Polish markings are slightly stylized of course, but the tail section stripe marked this as an aggressor aircraft in the 28. PLM (Fighter Air Regiment) from the ‘Eagle’s Talon’ exercise in ‘97. Also relates to this character’s backstory,” says the description.
mechanized-monster10A Maschinengeist character, “mainly based on the proposed English Electric ‘Sea Lightning’ project, which never came to fruition,” according to Alice Bruderer.
mechanized-monster9A mechanized monster based on the French Rafale
mechanized-monster12A Saab Viggen aerosaur “Skadi” (above) and the monster based on the Flakpanzer Gepard, an autonomous, all-weather-capable German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG).
mechanized-monster13“An X-47B aerosaur sits on one of four aircraft elevators of the partially AI-controlled carrier ‘Dwight D. Eisenhower,’ ready for action (or in this case specifically, further flight testing),” the description says. “Colors are based on the VX-23 strike aircraft evaluation squadron.”
mechanized-monster14A Mitsubishi KI-46 aerosaur
mechanized-monster15A SU-47 “Blood Eagle.” The blood eagle is a ritualized method of execution, detailed in ancient Scandinavian poetry. “A bit too much viking metal?” the description says.
mechanized-monster16A Maschinengeist based on UCAV, the X-47B
mechanized-monster17An F-14A Maschinengeist with the markings of the VF-111 “Sundowner” squadron
mechanized-monster18The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka, a German dive bomber

All Images ©Alice Bruderer


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