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Levitating DIY Cloud Light Brings “Storm” Into Your Room

Clouds have been always attracting our attention with their power and unique shapes, and how  many of us have dreamed about bringing it inside the house as an element of décor? While we still dream about it, many designers have found the way how to bring a piece of nature inside their homes, by engineering them as speakers or lights, which can even levitate in your house. Before the cost was the only one issue that stopped many from purchasing one of such elements, however not anymore. Thanks to the lifestyle blog Like a Riot, there is a DIY of such airy light cloud which can be crafted without a need to rob a bank. According to the designers, you can complete this project for 73 dollars approximately.

The whole idea of the DIY is that you take an existing white pendant lamp and just add a bit of volume to it. One of the important materials used is a fiber fill or bastelwatte, which is very light and can be easily pulled apart. Plus it does look like a cloud indeed. As soon as you have all the materials ready, you can make a shape from styrofoam balls and the fluffy fiber. To complete the lamp add the LED light chain for “storming” effect.
Check the DYI out and make the cloud of your own!

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