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Jelly Lipstick With Actual Flowers Inside Is Pure Magic

All  lipstick lovers, now you’re about to fall head over heels in love with this lipstick because it’s pure magic, it has strong chance to become your new obsession. This jelly colour-changing lipstick actually comes with a tiny flower inside, and it’s even flecked with gold. They’re hands down the most glamorous lippies we’ve ever seen.

Kailijumei a China-based cosmetic brand is behind the tiny tubes of genius. The lipsticks are clear until you put them on, when they turn a glossy shade of pink.




The lipsticks are extremely charming with names like “Minutemaid” and “Doll Powder”, but they’re not super pigmented. Lovers of opaque or matte purples or reds may want to look elsewhere.

What’s most unique about the floral lip product is that, despite its clear appearance, it goes on pink. The colour of the pink also varies depending on your body temperature.




All Images © Kailijumei

source: seventeen

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