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Father Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings Into Reality

Digital artist and dad of a 6-year-old boy named Dom transforms his son’s mini masterpieces into their real world counterparts with a dose of photoshop magic and a little bit of humour.  Dom has created his Instagram account where he displays his funny drawings paired with lifelike versions as a part of the ongoing project ‘Things I have drawn’.

From zoo animals to cars to portraits, Dom’s father has fulfilled the reality of his child’s imagination and, while it’s kind of cute, it’s also terrifying.

son-s-drawings-7 son-s-drawings-8

son-s-drawings-5 son-s-drawings-6

son-s-drawings-1 son-s-drawings-2

son-s-drawings-3 son-s-drawings-4

son-s-drawings-9 son-s-drawings-10

son-s-drawings-11 son-s-drawings-12

son-s-drawings-13 son-s-drawings-14 son-s-drawings-15 son-s-drawings-16

son-s-drawings-17 son-s-drawings-18 son-s-drawings-19 son-s-drawings-20 son-s-drawings-21 son-s-drawings-22 son-s-drawings-23 son-s-drawings-24


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