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Fashion Trend: Outfits Made From Public Transportation Fabrics

There was a time, when many people used to complain on the disgusting fabrics most of the public transport uses. Every day you take the same bus, train or taxi and sit on those chairs, designed from the fabrics, which according to the BBC is made not only to outlast spills and stains, but it can also survive for a decade or even more. German artist Menja Stevenson has her own part of taking public transport and here is what she came to.


Stevenson became extremely interested in such an accident-resistant material, that she started to search for the same fabrics and create her own designs since 2006 for her project Bustour. This project wasn’t easy to do, as she was forced to hunt the German transportation companies and ship her the fabrics, as it turns out they are not available commercially. But once she got it, she finally could make the clothes that literally camouflages her in each and every bus, or train, matching the seats and making her fellow passengers surprised.

Wearing such a clothes is not a pleasant thing, as you sweat like crazy, according to Stevenson. Some of the people didn’t even notice the resemblance of the outfit with the seat. Maybe they thought it was sort of coincidence, while the others started to ask questions, or laugh.

But looking at pictures, you can even say it does look good, doesn’t it?



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