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How Far The Fine Art Of Crochet Can Go

Art of crochet is a highly versatile and exciting contemporary art form. It was born out of necessity and was mainly practised in a domestic setting until the 1960s; although there is evidence of creative crochet before this time, it has since moved well away from its previous purpose and has become more a means of expression and creation.

The astonishing works bellow demonstrate us how far crochet has come from the old fashioned, trite hobby it was once considered.

Polish artist Agata Oleksiak known as Olek reveals an entire two-story house covered roof to floorboards in pink crochet. This new yarn-bombed installation currently stands in Kerava, Finland where Olek worked with a team of assistants to stitch together huge panels of crochet that envelop every inch of this 100-year-old house.

crochet house

crochet house in Finland

crochet house in Finland 2

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is known for her massive, colorful architectural sculptures/playgrounds. The most famous example of her work is the expansive net-structure inside the “Woods of Net” Pavilion at the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan – which Horiuchi MacAdam knitted, entirely by hand, over the span of a year

crochet playground

crochet playground in Japan

crochet playground in Japan

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has launched Crochet Chair – a seat made using unique crochet technique. The chair is constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers that are stitched together, formed over a mould and stiffened with resin. It is manufactured by Moooi.

crochet chair

crochet chair Dutch designer

This great photo found on Flickr (StartTheDay) showing a Smart car standing out from the crowd in Rome. The photographer states, “Admiring the architecture in Rome we came across this Smart car which had been decorated with a natty, crocheted cover! Never seen anything like this before!”


New York-based artist Crystal Gregory is one of those talented people who are doing it in what feels fresh, new way. She is taking some lessons in installation art and putting soft crochet doilies on to hard razor wire urban surfaces, exploring gender through this combination of softness and hardness. It’s a curious approach, one that she calls Invasive Crochet.


The wedding chapel is part of Villa EscampThe six-metre-long, three-metre-high ‘dome’ in the wedding chapel, Villa Escamp, Amsterdam, accommodate 50 people (at a pinch). It is crocheted of no less than two kilometres of white flexible ventilation tubes, causing a sacral atmosphere with soft acoustics and beautiful lighting.



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