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Eye-Catching Heart-Shaped Kid’s Seats!

Creating new projects out of recycled materials and various objects has become a very popular activity. And sometimes the new things that come from what was supposed to be in the trash are truly astonishing. Imagination, basic skills and lots of wish inspire people  on designing marvelous sculptures, paintings or everyday things that make our life easier. And the variety of things you can actually create with your own hands is enormous. Just look at the works of a woodworker Dustin Van den Abeele, who was dreaming of making heart and flower shaped furniture for kids and he made it.

The idea came to man basing on the Valentine’s day festival – “jardin d’amour’. Look how man has designed beautiful set of furniture using simple carpentry materials:
First Dustin started with cutting out a heart pattern into Styrofoam leaving a small heart hole just in the middle.


The small template was divided into two pieces of plywood and cut out to make a base of the chairs.

The hearts were separated in 40 cm apart and Dustin put the cedar rips just nailed onto the perimeter of the hearts.

In order to make the planks even Dustin used window spacers and the gaps let the chairs dry faster and easily in rain.

The planks were placed around the entire chair making impression of a three dimensional shape.

Plus, Dustin put the planks inside the heart shape as well to make the look more consistent and make the chair stronger.

To complete the look, artist painted the chairs white outside and bright red inside.

The little flower table Dustin designed the same way – using traced base and slats in between.Kids loved such furniture, especially thanks to the bright hearts and the whole design!
This is what imagination and skills can bring to !


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