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DIY Masterpiece: Innovative Tennis Ball Chair to Comfort Your Back

Sometimes, combining the most seemingly unrelated materials together can produce very unordinary DIY masterpieces.

Will Holman, known as wholman, furniture designer and blogger needed a new, comfortable and supportive chair, he began thinking up all sorts of inventive designs and came up with an idea to transform old chair into very useful one and replace usual cushions with tennis balls.

tennis ball chair 2

The holes on the bottom are smaller so the balls don’t push through when you sit on it.


Will built the most remarkable tennis ball chair, upcycling unlikely materials together to inventively redefine classic comfort.


With the body distributed over fifty of them, no single one makes a pressure point; the slope on the seat pan, and the U-shaped contour on the back match butt and back as closely as possible, giving spine and tailbone some breathing room.


As the balls are not fixed in the place they shrink and expand from their holes effected by heat changing, humidity and altitude, it happens because the air trapped inside the balls changes in volume.



All Images © Will Holman

source: littlethings


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