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The Most Creative Pregnant Outfits For Halloween

If you think that being pregnant is kind of a “bump on the road” when it comes to choosing a cool outfit, you are wrong. Look at these stunning costumes, that only pregnant women could pull off and get ready for the upcoming Halloween party:

The best costume of the year (Image Source)

Very nifty and creative!

Having fun

pregnancy-halloweenimage source (Image Source)

She is probably waiting for a girl.


pregnancy-halloween-costume-3image source (Image Source)

Hilarious and absolutely fun!

Baby crawler

pregnancy-halloween-costume-ideas-15-57ff881f88e05__605image source (Image Source)

This outfit is rather freaky which totally fits the theme of the party!


pregnancy-halloween-costume-5image source (Image Source)

Find the difference!

Baby bird

pregnancy-halloween-costume-6image source (Image Source)

Looks gorgeous, future to be mom did some effort to pull off this costume.

Nobody misses trick or treat.

pregnancy-halloween-costume-7image source (Image Source)

That’s creepy…the goal is achieved.

Satellite baby

pregnancy-halloween-costume-8image source (Image Source)

Is it an alien or a ladybug?

A Pearl

pregnancy-halloween-costume-9image source (Image Source)

This is wow, but for sure it is not that comfortable for the girl to wear it.


pregnancy-halloween-costume-10image source (Image Source)

Easy to make, a pleasure to wear!

Aliens in the belly

pregnancy-halloween-costume-11image source (Image Source)

Get ready with candies!


pregnancy-halloween-costume-12image source (Image Source)

Lovely couple waiting for a mini monster to come out.

Krang and Shredder

pregnancy-halloween-costume-13image source (Image Source)

Family is definitely big fans of Ninja!

X Ray

pregnancy-halloween-costume-14image source (Image Source)

A very detailed X-ray, perfect choice for Halloween!


pregnancy-halloween-costume-15image source (Image Source)

Let me join the party!

source: boredpanda

featured image: ebay

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