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Creative Pedestrian Crossings Around The World

Some streets are proving to be a little more fun than others with their incredible creative crosswalks. Some of these pedestrian crossings have been modified with colourful and unusual designs whether  for safety reason, art or celebrations. They feature flowers, zebras, hearts, piano keyboards and other magnificent pictures. Creative crosswalks are a great way to showcase the culture and history of a neighbourhood or serve as gateways to key civic, commercial and mixed-use areas.

Newlyweds cross a ‘Love Zebra Crossing’ on Valentines Day in 2009.

artistic crosswalksChina Photos/Getty Images

To bring art into public spaces a huge zipper was painted on the street of Baltimore.

pedestrians crossings© PHOTO: ELLIOTT PLACK

Floral ornaments appeared on the streets of California.

art crossings around the world© PHOTO: VICTOR SOLANOY

Crosswalk looks like a piano keyboard, Ontario, Canada.

crosswalks© PHOTO: DECIARE

The word “Look!” warns busy New Yorkers to be more careful when crossing the road.

art crossings© AP PHOTO/ SETH WENIG

McDonald’s created a ‘MacFries pedestrian crossing’ in front of one of their restaurants during the city’s Zurifest, Zurich, Switzerland

crosswalk ZurichTBWA Zurich/McDonald's Switzerland

A beautiful floral ornament printed on the street of Oakland’s Chinatown in California entertains the pedestrians.

art crossing around the world© PHOTO: BILL TAROLI

This pedestrian crossing reminds Montreal’s road services of a fish skeleton.

art crossings pedestrians© PHOTO: SARAH

To advertise local zoo, missing animal parts were painted on the zebra crossing.

art pedestrians crossings© SPUTNIK/ EVGENY BIYATOV

In the American city of Baltimore pedestrians, are invited to play hopscotch while crossing the road.

artistic crossings© PHOTO: JOHN GREENFIELD

Creative advertisement for a public utility in Los Angeles adorns the roads crosswalk.

crosswalk Los Angeles© PHOTO: LAURIE AVOCADO

In expectation of World Football Championship 2014, soccer balls were drawn on pedestrian crossings near the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

artistic crossings 2© AFP 2016/ GABRIEL BOUYS

A day without cars in the Mexican city of Guadalajara was marked by the creation of an unusual crosswalk.

crosswalk Mexico© AFP 2016/ HECTOR GUERRERO


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