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Creative Gift Ideas For Travelers Besides The Actual Ticket

There is no cure for wanderlust, but exploration is the best treatment. Finding a perfect gift for the traveler is never easy. Skip the moneybelt and buy something that your favorite intrepid globe-trotter will actually love to use. These cute and creative presents will make a journey more comfortable and convenient, stylish and inspirational. If you can’t present a plane ticket, at least you can inspire your traveler for new adventures and your gift will help to preserve a memory about it. Check some of the presents out and choose what would appeal to your traveler:

Scratch off world map

gift-ideasimage source (Image Source)

Anti Theft Backpack

backpackimage source (Image Source)

The zipper is hidden inside, so the potential thief won’t find how to open the backpack at all!

Floating Tree Tent

tentimage source (Image Source)

Sticker World map

mapimage source (Image Source)

Instead of scratching you just remove the stickers from the countries you’ve visited.

Lord of the Rings Quote Passport Cover

passport-coverimage source (Image Source)

Scratch off cities book

city-bookimage source (Image Source)

Compass with a quote

compasimage source (Image Source)

Blank Globe

globeimage source (Image Source)

Color the countries you have already been to.

Stress Ball

ballimage source (Image Source)

Release the stress by squeezing  the ball which zooms in.

Plane necklace

plane-necklaceimage source (Image Source)

City maps

mapsimage source (Image Source)

But not usual ones: they are waterproof and crumple-proof.

Book tent

tentimage source (Image Source)

Worldmap Patchwork Duvet

duvetimage source (Image Source)

Word Search Poster

posterimage source (Image Source)

It allows you to search and mark the places in USA that you visited.

Airport Departures Board Post

postimage source (Image Source)

source: boredpanda

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