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Celebrities Reveal Their Private And Public Side In Intimate Portray Series

Private lives of celebrities have been always rather intriguing to the rest of the world. We do know that some of them are quite different off stage and this is what mainly drives all the industry for paparazzi. Instead of peeking after celebrities photographer Andrew Walker came with another smart idea: he asked 51 celebrities during Toronto Film Festival to share their two sides in intricate photo shoot: one demonstrating their usual public pose, while the other  one demonstrating their true, inner side, which we don’t get to see quite often.

The set was only a wooden table with a tape indicating each side of the portrait. When the celebrity is sitting on one side, he should act as himself, but when he crosses the line he needs to show his other side, the public persona, the people took his request as they saw fit and while some actors like Jeffrey Tambor looked pretty much the same, only taking his glasses off between shots, most of the celebrities showed great range, some turned their back to the camera and some showed two different personas indicating how big of a change is it for them while on camera or in public.

“In a bigger sense, I think the project spoke to actors in general. For them it’s a constant struggle to figure out how they live their life outwardly and inwardly at the same time—and how they rectify those two places.”

You can only guess which of these images represent a true identity of the celebrity by looking at these photos. Photographer also didn’t mention to the actors which side was which – he left it as a mystery, so the actors can still remain unknown to us.

Elisabeth Moss


Ewan McGregor


Jane Lynch


Jeffrey Tambor


Jeremy Renner


John Legend


Lupita Nyong’o


Miles Teller


Oscar Issac


Parker Posey




Rachel Weisz


Rami Malek


Richard Gere


Sigourney Weaver


Taraji P. Henson


Amy Adams


Anne Hathaway


source: mymodernmet

Images© Andrew H. Walker

Celebrities Reveal Their Private And Public Side In Intimate Portray Series
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