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Awesome Ways Of Turning Plastic Bottles Into Flower Pots

How many of us keep collecting the bottles just in case we need them. That time might never come, but the shelves remain holding dozens of plastic bottles waiting for their time. Though most of the families grow flowers as well, which are always in need of being replanted. Instead of buying expensive flower pots, you could recycle your old plastic bottles and get three in one: free shelves, replanted flower and a new stylish flower pot. Here are few ideas for your new home project:

Simple cover with colorful threads, you use for knitting or crocheting, as a result you have a bright pot!

Hanging flower pot: use your imagination and painting skills to make personalized design and just hang a pot on the fence or a column.

Adorable way which your kids would love to help creating

If you are good with decoupage, why not try it out here?

Or maybe turn your flower pot into the antique vase…

Another great idea for encouraging your kids in the project!

This adorable piggy will make your day every time you look at  it.

You can do the pot not only from the bottom part of the bottle but upper one as well. So by the time you finish you can use all the parts of the bottle, with no leftovers.

Vertical gardens start to be very popular.

If you have your favorite heroes from the cartoons, time to bring them in life.

Don’t rush to throw your plastic bottles anymore, instead start creating the project of your own!



Featured Image: destinationfemme

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