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These Are The Worst Airports According To Pilots!

We tend to hear and read about the best airports for long layovers, the best ones for accommodation and fast service. There are is also a list of airports which are considered to be the worst as well. But all of these criteria are measured by passengers only. Now, the pilots themselves reveal what airports are really the worst ones:

Los Angeles

According to pilots it is the worst airport in US: too many building around, hard to navigate the taxi.

Kathmandu, Nepal

One of the pilots admits that the bus station that is running at 600 per cent capacity has no essential amenities and has a rather confusing security system.

Paris, Charles de Gaulle, France

It is the second busiest airport in Europe after Heathrow but the efficiency is very low. In most of the cases it will lose your luggage, all the passengers know it already. Sometimes the security totally sucks by letting you in with prohibited items and letting you board the plane without a boarding pass.

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

Built in 1935, hit few times by the fire, Manila airport resembles a palace like any other airport in Asia. But according to some of the pilots particularly this airport looks like frozen in time.

Chicago, US

The airport is very sensitive to bad weather. If there is one inch of snow outside, that’s it. The whole airport can be shut down until the authorities decide what to do.

Heathrow, UK

The worst one is Terminal 4, even though a bunch of money was spent on it. There is no exact explanation from the pilots why the airport is so bad, but in a number of answers as for the worst airports, Heathrow was always mentioned.

Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, North Korea

The worst thing in the airport is when the same gate is for both arrivals and departures. The internet room actually has no connection at all.

Sao Paulo-Congonhas Airport, Brazil

Another airport where the weather is an issue, as the airport is located in a highly populated area with a range of mountains nearby. Back in 2007 a slippery runway led to the plane overrun, all passengers and pilots dead.

La Guardia Airport, New York

The landing process at this airport is a disaster. Due to the a number of crossing runways, where one plane takes off the other one lands, there is always a delay.

Madrid-Bajaras, Spain

Many of the pilots are not big fans of this airport, as the terminal is long and narrow which means you have to walk miles long. The prices at dining venues are not simply high, but outrageous. Plus the whole signage is chaotic and has no logic.

source: independent

featured image: aviationvoice

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