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Why Strong People Often Attract Difficult Relationships

Some people find it hard to maintain the relationships. Emotionally weak and vulnerable people often try to depend on their stronger better halves. However for stronger people, the relationship dynamic is entirely different. They are so good being single; they think that they don’t need anyone to complete them. This often drags them into abusive and manipulative relationships as they feel they are far out of their comfort zone.

Think of your relationship as something bigger

Strong people find it good to be on their own. And when they enter a relationship they discover a dark emotional baggage inside, they had no idea about. The other persons in their relationship challenge their emotional stability in such a way that they feel vulnerable.


As we grow, we see so many challenges and hardships in our lives. Think of your relationship as another challenge from life and try to visualise the bigger picture. This sometimes helps to keep your feet on the ground.

Types of relationships that attract strong people

1. Soulmate Relationships:

Strong people are often attracted by their soulmates. The word ‘soulmate’ refers to the other part of the soul, which when found challenges you and helps you grow bigger and better. The soulmate relationship can be painful and emotionally heavy, but ultimately it gets better as both the parts of the soul go through evolution and growth.

2. Healing Relationships:

Most strong people are usually attracted to those who need healing. They can often understand the pain and emotion the others go through. These types of relationships are often found one sided. If you feel emotionally exhausted by all the healing works you’re doing in the relationship, let it just go, and focus on your own growth.

3. Karmic Relationships:

Sometimes you are destined to be in a relationship because of your karma from past lives. These types of relationships are hefty and intense from the beginning. Through the Karmic relationship, your destiny tries to heal your karmic wounds of past lives and gives you some serious lessons to help you grow.

What you should do if you are in a challenging relationship


– You don’t always have to be the strong one. Give your partner a chance to be the strong one. Maybe he/she needs that to flourish.

– Learn if you have created any barrier in the relationship which is somehow preventing you from opening up to your partner. Try to demolish the wall and allow yourself to receive love. This will heal your past wounds.

– Take your relationships as challenges given by your life. Remember that these relationships are in your life just to help you grow as a person. Always learn what your life is trying to teach you.

Always love yourself. If you can prioritise yourself before anyone or anything, you will always move forward in a relationship. Just experience the journey, learn all the lessons life is trying to teach you, and you can definitely work your relationship out.

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