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Where Better Not To Travel In 2017 — And Where To Go Instead

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

So many places, so little time. For most travelers, it’s not a case of if you’ll go next year; it’s not a case of when you’ll go; it’s only a question of: where? Next year, it will be all about great experiences, all about immersing yourself in a destination, living like a local, of “doing” rather than just seeing. Nobody wants to have a bad travel experience, so it is better to be warned and armed before heading to your next port of call. From destinations that are under construction to under threat, these places are better left off everyone’s travel lists in 2017:

Under constructions – Dubai

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There is no certain sign like “under construction” posted, but Dubai’s current transformation might warrant one. The city is getting ready for Dubai Expo 2020, and now is implementing a multi-million dollar development plan to impress travelers with even more jaw-dropping sites.

Instead go to Hong Kong

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Until the main Dubai’s attractions are under reconstructions, you may switch to Hong Kong instead. It doesn’t have such high buildings though, but it does feature the world’s tallest hotel.When you’re not napping in the clouds, you’ll find that Hong Kong’s luxury boutiques, busy street markets, bustling nightlife, and world-class dining easily rival any other city’s amenities.

Under Threat: The Great Barrier Reef

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Due to the heavy climate change, once vibrant colors of the Great Barrier Reef changed them for gray ones. There are still plenty of tourists visiting, as the damage done by random travelers is rather limited. But if you are really concerned about the natural phenomenon fading away, keep it off your itinerary.

Instead go to Atauro Island

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If you still wish to see bright and colorful reefs, the Atauro Island won’t be a disappointment. It is a great destination for marine-life lovers, as features the most biodiverse waters in the world.

Under the weather: Miami Beach

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The Zika virus is spreading all over and you definitely don’t want to get it while being on vacation in Miami beach. It is better to leave this lovely place from visiting in the upcoming year.

Instead go to Key West

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The western part of Florida Keys has everything what Caribbean rest is all about: beautiful beaches, open bars and lovely weather. Plus it is Zika free destination so far!

Under a cloud: New Delhi

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

The beautiful chaos of New Delhi once earned it a place on travel bucket lists. In 2016, The Great Smog of Delhi took it off. “Apocalyptic” is the word being used to describe the thick smoke choking the city. On bad days, visibility is just a few yards.

Instead go to Bangalore 

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

While New Delhi works to turn things around, consider heading further south. Bangalore is another big city with a laid-back West Coast vibe. There you’ll find friendly people, great microbreweries, dozens of delicious places to eat, and year-round patio weather perfect for lounging all day. Bangalore is a verdant city with temples and waterfalls that will take your breath away, and a nearby forest with lions and tigers (seen safely by safari tours offered by the national park).

Under influence: Ibiza

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

The initial draw of Ibiza is undeniable. An island made up of beautiful beaches (56 of them, to be exact!) and secluded coves—what could be more romantic? Well, good luck exploring those charming coves as you stagger through throngs of hard-partying twentysomethings. Ibiza is home to innumerable nightclubs (including the biggest in the world) and countless tourists.

Instead go to Agua Amarga 

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

But if you still looking to visit the Spanish coastline, opt for Agua Amarga instead. This former fishing port makes for a much more intimate visit. And while Playa de los Muertos has a deceptively macabre name, the beach features crystalline waters and is strikingly bookended by volcanic outcroppings.

Under developed: Space

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

The desire to go to space is entirely understandable. Between Zika, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and obnoxious spring breakers alone, who wouldn’t want to set a course for that cold, dark vacuum? Plus, you’d be part of an exclusive club: only 536 people have ever been to space, with only 24 traveling beyond low Earth orbit.

But with a seat on Virgin Galactic going for more than £200,000, you’d better be Richard Branson himself. Even if you did have the funds for a ticket, you could buy a perfectly lovely house outright, never mind the luxurious vacations you could take right here on planet Earth!

Instead go to Antarctica

Which Destinations To Avoid In 2017 And Where To Travel Instead?

If you’re looking to “get away from it all,” a trip to this continent-sized tundra will help you achieve that in the most literal way possible. Plus, you’ll still have all the thrill of visiting a remote, isolated locale without the house-sized price tag. Because Zika and climate change aside, there are still plenty of incredible corners of this pale blue dot just waiting to be explored.


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