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Treatment By A Woman Doctor Implies Less Patient Death

If you are asked pertaining to the noblest profession in the world, more than half of you will mention Doctors. Indeed, the fact that whether you are ill, feeling unwell, have met with an accident, is dealing with an infection makes you seek a doctor. Whether your family inculcates, new born kids, elders or adults, you cannot ignore the significance of doctors. And, this implies to all class and creed of individual.

So, if you were asked how do you select a doctor? What will be your answer?

  • Based on the degree they possess
  • Their experience counts
  • Their behavior is of significance
  • The reviews are imperative.

But, have you ever thought of selecting a doctor based on their gender. Well, if you haven’t till date, it is better you start doing it right away!

At least that is what is instigated by the research published in JAMA Internal Medicine. So, there was pursued a research and analysis to find if the health outcomes vary, amidst patients treated by women or men doctors.

Treatment By A Woman Doctor Implies Less Patient Death

Here is a summary of the research, well analyzed:

  • The research involved Medicare patients.
  • They were treated by almost 58,344 physicians.
  • The year span selected was between 2011 and 2014.
  • In accordance with the result, the patients which were treated by women had a lower risk of premature death. It will be worth to mention the analytics in here, which is 10.82 % in men and 11.49% in women.
  • There is also lesser chance of those treated by women doctor to go for a hospital readmission, within a 30 day span. It is 15.01 % for those who underwent treatment under women doctor than men doctor which accounts for 15.57%.
  • Quoting the researchers- “if male physicians could achieve the same outcomes as female physicians every year,” then definitely almost as few as 32,000 patients would die. This is again based on the research conducted on Medicare hospitalizations.
  • In consonance with the reports the number can be larger if the trend continues for the non-Medicare patients as well.
  • If the same is to be put up in a single sentence, conclusively, Ashish Jha, co-author and director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, says that the chances of a patient dying is lower if the doctor treating him or her is a woman.

In the same context the Wall Street Journal reports, that this is just a part of the research. The researchers are still trying to determine, that what is leading to the disparity. The difference in death and readmission rates can be due to the fact that male and females doctors have different type of patients, or that they might be working in different area! However, there is nothing which the researches controlled which could explain the same.

So, next time you are out their searching for the doctor for yourself, your kith or kin, it won’t be that inappropriate to be a bit biased with respect to gender! What say!

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