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How Traveling Is Going To Change In The Nearest Future?

Traveling world has already started to change even in 2015-2016, with the rise of shared economy sites like Airbnb. So there is no wonder that in the nearest future regular travelers should expect new trends and rules. Here is what you should be ready for:
People will go crazy for space travel. Theoretically they will, but there are not so many people that will actually go into space. Maybe the end of 2016 can be the time for the fist successful commercial space expedition, but it is not sure yet. Kayak for example takes reservations for flights from XCOR Space Expeditions and will take you for one hour trip into suborbital space for 100, 000 $ per person.

Hotels will be more flexible with no checks out times. Travelers were not happy with hotel check in and out times for long time, especially if you have a flight at midnight but need to leave the room by noon. You just need a place to relax those few hours. Hotels have already started to be more flexible with timing and some of them do charge depending on how late you plan to stay. But predictions are, that soon even the charges won’t be applied.

Economy class will get more popular. Airline companies came up with ideas on how to attract more people to use their planes. And instead of crowded economy classes where you feel like in a tuna can, the planes are getting redesigned. For example, Emirates like set a record for reconfiguration of Airbus A380, which has now 615 seats.

Flights will be cheaper. Thanks to the low oil prices and a great competition between the carries, travelers will have more choice to travel cheaper. Plus such low cost carrier as Frontier and Spirit plan to expand their operations.

A new attraction in National Parks – Parties. The authorities of the parks are trying to get more visitors and offer a great number of camping trips or even one day trip, which you can enjoy either exploring the territory or stay by the beaches.

Airlines will take a special care of disabled people. As last year was pretty much disastrous: one passenger had to crawl from his flight, as the wheelchair never showed up, another one lost a prosthetic limb. Now the companies are revising the policies to make them work better.

River cruising will get more popular. Big ships are trend at the moment, but many travelers are looking for more unique experience. River cruises are the best here, as they offer more intimate experience and are able to visit lesser known places.

Don’t expect to use an airline rewards program if you don’t travel business class. To be honest, airlines have never been direct about how exactly their rewarding system works. But some did allow passengers to earn points and miles. Now all the companies have banned the system for economy class passengers leaving it all to first class flyers.

Cuba will become a destination number one. Thanks to stabilized relations between US and Cuba, the country will get a higher number of tourists. Even now the flights are already on, the cruise ships offer their Cuban destinations and hotels are getting ready for the hot season.

People will give more preference to Airbnb. Because it is comfortable and the prices are lower than in the hotels where they only keep growing. Meanwhile Airbnb offers great alternatives making traveling more enjoyable!




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