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Top 10 Car Myths Debunked

There are plenty amazing facts about the cars we are aware of, but there is also the same amount of myths about them and it is time to reveal the truth:

Manual transmissions provide better fuel economy comparing to automatics.

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It might have been a true fact in the early days of automatic transmission. After few technological developments, like continually variable transmission, this statement is no longer true.

Using A/C is better for fuel economy than opening the windows

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But according to the recent research conducted in 2004 by the GM and SAE, turning A/C on a medium power uses actually more fuel than driving with open windows. Plus it has been noticed that A/C leads to a slight decrease in fuel economy. However A/C is more recommended to be used on the roads, as it keeps driver alert and more focused.

You will get more fuel for the same money if you fill the tank in the morning

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 It is a common belief, as people think that gasoline will be denser due to the cool air. But unfortunately it is not true, as gasoline is stored in underground tanks, so the temperature doesn’t change that much.

Non-premium cars run better on premium fuel

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 It is all about the fancy word – premium. But according to the Federal Trade Commission there is no point to pay extra for the premium one unless the manual advises so. Moreover you won’t feel any difference.

Red Cars cost more to insure and are pulled over more often for speeding

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 But actually there is no proved data to support the statement about red cars getting more traffic tickets than the others. Plus, most of the insurance companies don’t take a color of the car into consideration when determining the rates.

You have to change the oil every 3000 miles

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 It turns out that the this rule is applied to the cars that were produced before 70-s only. And if you want to know when is the right time to change your oil, consult the owner’s manual instead.

You should warm up the car before driving

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 Actually it is not true as well. Unless you are driving a car that relies on carburetor, which was replaced in most of the vehicles for electronic fuel injection in the 80-s. Most manufacturers advise to start off gently after 30 seconds, not minutes.

Driving with tailgate down improves the fuel economy

tailgate-sierraimage source (Image Source)

People tend to believe it as the open tailgate blocks the airway and increases the drag. But it is not true. The test was made in the desert by two cars driven under the same conditions one with tailgate down and up, no difference was shown at all.

Using cellphone while pumping gas can trigger an explosion

cell-phone-gas-pumpimage source (Image Source)

 There is no evidence or reported incident when the use of the phone caused fire or explosion, therefore there is no reason to believe this myth. However you shouldn’t use cell phone while driving.

Overdrive makes you go faster

car-myths-6image source (Image Source)

It does sound really cool, but what it actually means is that the car’s speed will be maintained with a minimum engine effort after you reach a certain speed.

source: mnn

featured image: facthacker

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