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Things You Should Never Pack For Your Vacation Trip

Your suitcase is open and ready to be packed., the list of things you need to take with you is also written and detailed. And now double check this list with the things you will definitely don’t need to take with you. For sure there are some items:

Expensive jewelry

Unless you are going to be only in the hotel visiting fancy parties. Otherwise you don’t have to take your expensive watch, ring, dozens of diamond earrings and then watch them to be stolen. They attract too much attention in places crowded with tourists and not only.


For sure you have not only the phone in your collection, but an iPad, E-reader and a iPod for sure. How many of these will you need on your trip? You can do everything with a phone only – read, play and phone. Better to use an extra charger instead.


Now you can take out those few pair of jeans you already packed, because you will not need more than one. Too much warm clothes will also not work. One warm jumper of a blazer will do perfectly fine. Three different skirts and dresses – be honest with yourself. How many times will you wear them?


If you ever talked to people who spend lots of time traveling, they will say all at once, there is no such a trip where you need more than 3 pair of shoes. One should be extremely coy, so you can wonder around and hike. And the other – casual, which will fit a night out in the city and daily walks. High heels, running shoes – you will not even take them out from the suitcase, can bet on it.

More than one book

If you still love paper book, don’t think you gonna manage to read more than one, unless this is your goal – to lie down one week on the beach and do nothing but reading. Otherwise, one book will be more than enough to enjoy along with watching attractions and tourist sights.

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