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There Is A New Sunscreen That Sticks To The Skin Instead Of Soaking

Once the summer is here, everybody is concerned about the sun consumption and looking for the ways to protect our skin from nasty heat. Sun screens became the most ultimate way to protect our body and face from sun exposure, but what do we actually know about it? It is actually new technology, taking into account that FDA has released the testing standards for sunscreen manufacturers only in 2011 and people are still unaware of the effects that some elements in the sunscreen might have while soaking through our skin.

Some researches do show that such particles found in sunscreen as zinc are fine,  but at the same time some chemical UV filters can actually lead to hormone disruption. That’s why dermatologists are working on a new formula of sunscreen. According to Nature Material, coating sunscreen which stays on top of the skin instead of soaking could be a really good alternative.

Yale University created a sunscreen containing bioadhesive nanoparticles, which cling to the proteins on skin cells. It is totally water resistant and can come off only after active bout or toweling off. The experiment with mice showed that the protection of the skin worked the same way as with traditional sunscreens.

But it is still unknown whether this new sunscreen is going to appear on the shelves, as FDA hasn’t approved any of the new sunscreen since 1999, even though other countries have switched to new, more effective sunscreens already. Now it will be the time for trials with humans and meanwhile we will have to live with the best available sunscreens on the market instead!


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