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The World’s Strangest Places For Weddings

If you are one of those couples looking for the unusual place to celebrate your wedding day, these examples will be more than inspirational for you! How do you feel like getting married in the air or maybe in the prison instead?
That’s a really weird spot for the wedding: China’s Yunnan province and the couple is suspended between the floors pretending to clean the windows as well.

Romantic boat in the island of la Digue, Republic of Seychelles, the whole ceremony is led while the couple is sitting on the boat.

Getting married in prison is probably the weirdest place ever! The couple took the vows in a prison church on the territory of a penal colony.

The skiing resort in Colorado got 87 couple to get married or renew their vows while skiing and here Drew Mikita is helping his wife to put the skis to get ready for the ceremony.

The wedding takes place on one of the islands in Philippines – Palawan, and after the ceremony the couple walks along the shore where they planted new mangrove saplings, in order to show love and respect not only to each other, but to the nature as well.

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October 10, 2010. the National stadium in Beijing, more known as the Bird’s Nest filled up with two hundred of newlywed couples who tied their knots on the sacred date – 10’10’10, which in chinese means “absolutely perfect.”

The wedding in the hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. The couple became one of the 150 couples who were brave enough to get married in freezing iced church.

These people don’t look that happy, but they actually are! This is the way to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day – riding the roller coaster in China’s Hubei province. The date is very popular for wedding among Chinese couples.

Romanian bride broke the record of the longest wedding dress train, having the 2, 750 meters while having her wedding in front of the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

Somebody invites the actors to the wedding, the other make it themed like. This Thai Swedish couple enjoy their own pirate adventure after the ceremony in Thailand.

Might be not the best idea for a pregnant woman to celebrate the wedding underwater and holding her breath, but the wish is the wish.

The biker’s couple from Kiev led few thousand bikers after themselves. That’s the wedding cortège!

Professional divers decided to unite their love with nature and had a wedding underwaters in Egypt’s Mediterranean port of Alexandria.

Syrian couple makes a picture amidst the ruined buildings of the city of Homs, in order to show the life is stronger than death.

The bride is running across the football during Italian football matches Catania vs Juventus.

The first wedding ceremony registered in Donetsk, Novorossiya, New Russia.



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